Wondering if I can explain this rails application environment to RubyMine

We have a set of previously existing rails apps with the following directory structure:


All three directories contain the standard Rails directory structure, and app1 and app2 are the "real" applications but they essentially derive/inherit from "common" via some load_path tricks, and many of the core models and controllers for things that exist in both apps are actually coming from the common directory.

I can point RubyMine at any of the three directories and it sees a Rails app, but on its own of course it does not know where to find things that are comming from common for example. I tried adding load paths to RubyMine without apparent effect.

Ideally I would like RM to be able to see the Rails resources in Common as well as those in the current Rails directory (app1 say), and of course be able to use all the debugging facilities as well (currently the app is deployed with Apache/Passenger).

If I point RM at the parent directory "apps" then it does not notice that there is any Rails at all, and so I cen't get a "Rails view" of any of it.

Perhaps I am expecting too much of RubyMine for it to be able to deal with this sort of structure in a useful way, but I thought I would ask if anyone has any suggestions for how to make the best use of it in this environment.

Thanks for any comments/suggestions.


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