RubyMine on Windows 8

I recently installed RubyMine 4.5.4 on my notebook which is running Windows 8 Pro 64 bit. When I try to save a file with changes I get the following error message:C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google SketchUp 8\Plugins\cutlist_bridge\cutlist_bridge_loader.rb___jb_bak___ (Access is denied)When I hit Close on that message I get the following message:Could not save C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google SketchUp 8\Plugins\cutlist_bridge\.idea not foundI have attached two images showing these errors. Is there an issue with Windows 8 Pro 64? Is there a release of RubyMine that solves this problem?Joe.....

11-12-12 3-31-31 PM.jpg
11-12-12 3-29-50 PM.jpg
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it looks like you are trying to modify files which are not writable for you.
So, you either need to change files' permissions or run RM as administrator.

Hope this helps, Oleg.

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Hi Oleg,

Thanks for the help. I discovered the same thing you are pointing out. However, I am the administrator and have all admiistrator privileges. Still, if I explicitly run RM as administrator it works. But I have to do this each time I open RM.

I discovered another permanent work around. If I right click on the rubymine.exe file and choose Troublshoot compatibility, I can get Windows 8 to fix the problem (likely it makes a registry change). But at the end it reports RubyMine has a compatibility problem. So if there is a JetBrains employee listening you have a RM campatibility issue with Windows 8. I will try and report a bug through the proper channels.

Again, thanks Oleg for your help.


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I think (although I may be wrong here) it's all about UAC. If it is enabled and even if you are using account with admin rights, it will still restrict access to files in "Program Files" and similar folders (as by default only installer can write there). If you launch app with explicit admin rights (e.g. Right click | Run as Admin) or your app is UAC compatible (can elevate permissions when required), then it will work fine.

When UAC is disabled it all works without all these extra moves.

As an example you can use Notepad++. If launched normally (even if user has admin rights) it will not be able to create file associations (Registry access though). But when launched As Administrator or with UAC disabled, it will work fine.

That's how it works in Windows 7. Possibly it is the same for Windows 8 (have not tried it yet so do not know for sure).

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Hi Andriy,

I thought I had done that by seeting the slider in User Account Control Settings to "Never notify". However, after reading your note I did some further internet searches and discovered that the sure way to do this is with a Registry Edit as follows:

You can even change the following registry key to disable UAC:
Location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System
Key: EbableLUA
Value data: 0

I caution anyone making a registry edit to backup the regisrty first and make sure that the appropriate system recovery settings are made.

I cannot verify that this will solve the original problem because to do so would require backtracking all security changes I have made including the one Windows 8 automatically made via  "Troubleshoot compatibility" (I have no idea what that change was), and then reinstalling RubyMine. The only sure way of testing this fix is to re-install Windows 8 from scratch. Not something I am willing to do at this point. So I hope someone who has not yet installed Windows 8 will see this and test it. Or perhaps someone who has installed Windows 8 will try this fix and confirm it works.

In the meantime, I have submitted and bug tracker issue. I hope the people at JetBrains will investigate.

Thank you very much for your help.



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