How to get back in sync with SVN repository?

Awhile ago, something happened..

At the top of my project list is the name "DummyRails [DummyRails1] (~/RubymineProjects/DummyRails)

Some discrernable facts:

I have directories

I don't have a DummyRails1 directory.

The directory RubymineProjects/DummyRails does not have any .svn subdirectories
The directory RubymineProjects/DummyRails0 DOES have .svn subdirectories

Whenever I try to do a commit (with svnserver running in the repository ~/DummySVNrepo) the commit fails.

Even before I do a 'commit', I see:
Warning: not all local changes may be shown due to an error: svn: E155005: Directory '~/RubymineProjects/DummyRails/.svn containing working copy admin area is missing.

This is probably because there isn't a .svn directory in that clump of files.


Basically, the SVN repository and RubymineProjects/DummyRails are seriously screwed up. Attempts in the past to get things back into sync have only seemed to make things worse (e.g. - the DummyRails1 label)

Can anyone suggest a failure proof series of steps where I might get a working SVN system again? It would be nice to retain evidence of past changes, but this is not super essential.

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