Database Integration?

I have a new Rails project that is just using SQLite and it works fine whether I run it within the IDE or on command line.  I have an .rvmrc file in my project and RubyMine appears to be detecting the correct project Ruby.

So why am I getting this message?:

RubyMine Database Integration
           Rails data sources detected, but some
           additional drivers are required for RubyMine
           to connect to the database
           Download drivers

I don't know what "RubyMine database integration" is but I'm almost certain I don't need it.  And I shouldn't need to "download drivers" if SQLite is already working.  So how do I get rid of this message?


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RubyMine database integration allows you to view database structure
and perform live queries to the database via SQL console:
If you don't need it you can simply disable Database Support plugin (Settings | Plugins) or change notification setting (Settings | Notifications) of Rails Data Sources Detector to 'No popup'

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