SCSS file: autocomplete for @include and @mixin

Is it possible to set autocomplete for these two expressions? Or at least, can I create my custom shortcut for these words?
thanks for any help

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Hi Tomas,

What do you mean by "autocomplete for these two expressions"? Do you mean these actual words?

If so -- you can use Live Templates functionality for that (Settings | Live Templates). There is no separate context just for SCSS files, so you will have to use CSS context.

For example:

  1. Create new entry anywhere.
  2. Fill all required fields (abbreviation, description, tempalte text, context ...)
  3. Now right click on such rule and chose "Move | New Group" -- this will keep your own entries "clean and tidy" -- separate to the bundled ones.
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Thank you,
that was I was looking for:)



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