Question about integrating with the Ruby Stubs Generator


Would there be a way to document or author a Ruby C extension in a manner that the Ruby Stubs Generator picks up the extension and automatically builds stubs?

The reason I ask is because we are writing a Ruby C extension for our database technology and I'd like to find ways of documenting and authoring the code so that developer productivity is increased. I like your stubs generator, and it seems to run on the fly for some classes and extensions, but not the ones I wrote. I'd like to fix that so that developer productivity is increased for developers authoring code against our database and within RubyMine.


This is a machine generated stub using stdlib-doc for <b>class StandardError</b>
Sources used:  Ruby 1.9.3-p194
Created on Mon Aug 13 21:17:55 +0400 2012 by IntelliJ Ruby Stubs Generator.

Is there a documentation pattern, requirements, or some such that would allow the code to have stubs generated for it?



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Hi Bob,

currently the stabs generator processes only gems you add to you project.
So, the only way for now is to organize your native extenstion as a separate gem and use it in other code.

Hope this helps (if not let me know :))

Wtih best regards, Oleg.


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