How to connect RubyMine to a Rails Project on VirtualBox

I downloaded a trial of RubyMine and I cannot seem to get it working with my current development setup...

My laptop is Mac and I have my entire Rails project running on VirtualBox (running Ubuntu Server). I cannot see anyway to easily connect RubyMine to my VirtualBox instance so that it picks up the Ruby executable and Gemsets correctly. I have seen solutions posted on this forum suggesting to install Ubuntu Desktop on VirtualBox and run RubyMine on that instead. But since I just want to try it out - I dont really want to spend time to download and install and setup another OS to try RubyMine!

Any help would be appreciated!

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Unfortunately installing RM on VM is the only way for now :(
We have a request about supporting your development environment (, but it is not implemented yet.
Or you can try RM on Windows, but I'm not sure if your current project will work there (Windows is not a great platform for Ruby development :(

Regards, Oleg.


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