How to import existing rails project?


How would i import an existing Rails Project in Intellij Idea 11?

I tried New Project > Create Project from existing sources...

but now many folders are missing in the Project structure. Can I add these missing folders or can i do a reimport?


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Hello Ingo,

this is a known problem. As a workaround you can create new project from scratch and specify existing directory as a source folder.

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I am really new to Ruby / Rails and the corresponding plugin for the IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate. Maybe you can give us a short example for your workaround. I can't get it running your way.

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Well, saw your post and it's a bit old, but I was able to get it working based on the suggestion here, so for the benefit of others...

The details:

File / New Project

Select "Create a Project from Scratch"

Under select type, click on "Ruby Module"

Project files location should be the directory one up from your project, then under name, enter your project root directory.  This will then point project files location.

Click "Next"

If there's no ruby SDK configured, you'll need to click "Configure" then the "+" sign button in the configure dialog, then select "Ruby SDK", and point it to your "ruby" executable.  If there is a correctly configured Ruby SDK, leave it alone. Either way, when done, click Next.  Select "Ruby on Rails" and "SQL Support" under "Please select the desired technologies".  Most of the Ruby on Rails settings looked good when I did it -- under SQL support, select the database you want to use.

Click finish.

You may need to open a new IDE session if did this from an existing project, configure git roots, etc. but you're basically done at this point and should have a "Project" window where you can navigate around, etc., etc.




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