Rubymine Lite version please!

First of all let me say i have loved using rubymine over the past 2 years! I am RoR developer and in particular love the jump to declartion and fuzzyfinder implementations. I used to use vim but prefer having someon else manage my ide for me.

However with the release of 4.5 and 4.5.1 the ide has become bloated, slow, and crammed with features i could care less about while the core reason i use the product has been serverly hampered.

Here are the only reasons i use and will pay for rubymine

  1. Implementation of jump to declartion/file
  2. Implemetantion of fuzzyfinder (navigate to file/class)
  3. Editor doesn't hang or lag even with mutliple window instances.
  4. Gets out of my way and doesn't force any of the features on me.
  5. (Bonus) Code introspections

Thats it. I could fairly easily use vim and get all of that to work but i don't want to waste my time screwing around with vim plugins or writing my own.

With rubymine 4.5.1

  1. Jump to delcartion still works
  2. Fuzzyfinder is broken (does prefix searches rather than contains ... its documented as a bug on your tracker)
  3. Editor hangs, blocks, crashes, and is slow consistantly (i have brand new top of the line mac with 8GB ram, SDD, and nothing else running!)
  4. Has started to force VCS sidebar change sets on my editor.
  5. Code introspections still work

Help me turn off everything else except what i need, make the editor snappy, and get/keep the fundamentals of your product working.

I think i want a Lite version where most of the features are removed so the whole thing just works faster, with less complexity, and i can opt into the "features" as i want.

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After looking around, reading, reporting bugs, inspecting different themes, and trying to use the older 4.0.3 version of rubymine to get the performance i wanted back i have come up with the following work arounds to keep rubymine as "lite" as possible.

First the biggest thing i missed was the "plugins" directory in the global settings. Its the jackpot for making rubymine less bloated. I am very pleased that i missed it and i can disable most of the functionality i don't use. I even found new functionality i might like to start using.

Here is a list of plugins i disabled for my projects to get rubymine "lite" :


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