Gem manager keeps popping up message

After my computer crashed (while having rubymine opened), I keep getting this message

RubyMine Gem Manager
RubyMine has detected that some of the gems required for 'project name' are not installed
<link>install missing gems</link>

I have all the gems required installed. but this message keeps popping up every 5 minutes or so.
Is there a way to disable that? I even tried deleting the .idea folder and opening the project directory again but it keeps showing that mesage.

maybe I should try checking out the project in a new directory?

I'm using rubymine 4.5 on Ubuntu 11.04


Try to invalidate caches (File | Invalidate Caches)

Regards, Oleg.


Didn't really fix it, but I find a way to tell it not to show pop up in the Event log, so that's good enough for now :)


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