Interplay between nested ruby apps in same directory and bundler

Hi all

I can't seem to run bundler against a nested Gemfile.  Here's my setup


From the command line. I can run:
cd project2; bundle exec cucumber features


cd project1; bundle exec cucumber features.

However, in RubyMine, I can't seem to set up a run configuration that reproduces this.  If I mark a feature as running under the influence of bundler, it complains that I have no Gemfile.

Is there a way to setup nested projects? Or tell RubyMine to use a particular Gemfile during a run?

My work around is run from the command line....

I'm on RubyMine 3.1, OSX 10.6.5



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Nick, did you find a resolution to this problem? We run both Rubymine and Teamcity in house and are experiencing this same problem.



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