Import Data Sources - No Data Sources Found

I have the latest build of Rubymine on OXS Lion. I have previously used the Data sources window to view my databases (in a Rails project). Now the data sources have disappeared and I get an error message 'No Data Sources Found' when I try to 'Import from Project Files'. The application is functioning, so the database must be there. Any ideas please?

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I'm having trouble with datasources too.

RubyMine used to offer to download the drivers for SQLite automatically in the EAP version but, in the latest version (4.5 final) this no longer happens.

To fix this I just edited the datasource and downloaded the drivers to my Rails project directory, so databases works, but I'm not sure if I supposed to do this.

Maybe I can copy these drivers to some directory of RubyMine to have them available globally, but seems to me that RubyMine is supposed to do this automatically, like it used to.

What's the correct way to do this? Is this a bug or I'm doing something wrong here?


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if I create a new Rails app in the terminal and then "rake db:create" and go with "mine .", then RubyMine will offer to download SQLite drivers.

I think the problem is when create the app from "Create new project" in RubyMine, then run "rake db:create" still in the IDE, RubyMine doesn't offer to download the drivers, even when "Import from project" to create datasources.

But since I got the drivers, all is fine.


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