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If I copy and paste a full path to a file, e.g., /home/myid/.rvm/gems/jruby-1.7.0.preview1@barebones/gems/raad-0.5.0/lib/raad/bootstrap.rb, into the edit box at the top of the open dialog, the "Ok" button never gets enabled, and hitting "enter" does nothing.  This seems like a bug -- i.e., I should be able to do the above, have the "ok" button become enabled, hit "enter" and open the file in the ide.  

I realize that if I'm running something and this file raises an exception, I can click on the link in the output window; but if I'm not running it in the IDE, then opening it becomes a bit of a chore with the current state of the open file dialog.

I searched the issue here: but didn't see anything.

Is this a bug?


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I can reproduce this behavior only if hidden folders are in path (like .rvm). So it's default behavior of Rubymine. But if you use this case very often fill free to submit feature request in our bugtracker.


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