Perforce read-only and RubyMine

Hi all,

I'm trying out RubyMine (been mostly an Eclipse user before now) and while I'm really enjoying the IDE currently, I've been hitting a couple of bumps when it comes to using RubyMine with Perforce integration (OS is Fedora Core 16).
Previous to RubyMine, I had my Perforce workspace configured with the Allwrite option which keeps my files editable when pulled from the Perforce depot. I quickly found that in RubyMine it would then categorize these files as "Changed but not Checked out". I fixed this by adopting what appears to be the RubyMine way and removed the Allwrite option from the workspace. This corrected most of my Perforce integration problems. The problem I come across now though is when I attempt to use generators. Assuming I've done a recent commit, all my files are currently flagged as read-only (as they should be). I then click Tools->Run Rails Generator... and choose a new scaffold which then errors out because it can't write to routes.rb. In order for things to work, I need to manually right-click->Perforce->Edit the routes.rb file and then run the generator. I'll get this same behavior on any task that needs to touch a file that already exists (like rake db:migrate will complain about schema.rb).
Is there a way that I can configure RubyMine to auto-checkout the files needed for these basic tasks or am I stuck needing to know/remember files that may need to be touch and preemptively check them out each time?

Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated :) I'm ready to drop down the money for a license, but I just need to get past this bump to give me the ease of mind that this won't be something that frustrates me to the point of switching IDEs again.


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