Rubymine blocks running with debug after ruby-debug-base19x

Following the issue opened here: and discussed here as well: ;

I'm still trying to get rubymine to work with debug functionality on ruby 1.9.3, and haven't succeded at it yet. Didn't really explain why your fork is not working in my machine, so I decided to open a new discussion specifically for it, as the "debugger" gem extension seems not to be an option.

So what happens is this: after i successfully update ruby to the 1.9.3 version (rails 3.2, rubymine 4.0.3), I try to start the server in debug mode with debug mode. I instantly get the following message: "The gem ruby-debug-base19x required by the debugger is not currently installed. Would you like to install it?" . After I press "yes", I start the server. It runs all runs well, until i double click left of a line to insert a breakpoint, and then rubymine blocks. I have to kill the process in order to start rubymine again. Can you tell me how can I solve this?

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I've developed the same issue. Arggg. I don't know what I did. Debugging tests in RubyMine 4.0.3 was working yesterday until something happened in the afternoon. A secret update that happened? In anycase, now I cannot debug tests. And the debuging of a WebBrick server only works if you unclick the execute within the Bundle Exec checkbox.

All I want is to go back to the configuation I had yesterday morning. This is driving me crazy.

Is there a configuation some where I can go back to where it was yesterday morning? I'm using Ruby 1.9.3-p125,  Rails 3.2.3.

All I've researched comes up with this ruby 19 bug for debuging. I've done all the tricks, but RubyMine wants to install ruby-debug-19x, no matter if you already have a ruby-debug-ide already installed. Apparently is this ruby-debug-19x is fork that is supposed to make it work RubyMine. It installs, but it doesn't work. And I cannot debug tests without the bundle exec because the configuration window stipulates it's needed to interface with the test reporter.

What happened?
How can I fix this?
How can I go back to the configuration I had yesterday morning?


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Most likely this problem is on RubyMine, not gem side. Please attach your threadumps directory (Help | Reveal log in ...).
Also, if you have debugger in your gemset, could you please uninstall it and try debugging?

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The only way I came to solve this problem was to actually put a development group in the Gemfile that holds the versions of the components. Once you accidently hit "bundle update" something happens to the debugging environment. So, this is what is working for me:

group :development do
  gem 'linecache19', '0.5.13'
  gem 'ruby-debug-base19x', '0.11.30.pre10'
  gem 'ruby-debug-ide', '0.4.16'

Then do a Bundler > Clean, then Bundler > Install.

I've never needed that group before when running RubyMine.

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Sorry for the late reply. So, here's the IDE log. I've just reproduced the crash, so it must be fresh enough for you to see the IDE's behaviour.



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