Svn auth problem

Maybe this could be a stupid question but I can't find any clue about a possible solution, sorry.
So, recently I dediced to switch to Rubymine for doing my daily development (always used a simple editor + command line to do all the work).
I'm trying to checkout a project I'm working on but all I got is auth errors.

From Rubymine's quick start screen, I click "Checkout from Version Control" and add the path to my repo (svn://
Then I'm asked for credentials, and this is the problem: we access the server with ssh keypairs so I wouldn't expect to be asked for a username and a password here.
I tried to put a couple of combinations of username and passwords but it simply doesn't let me pass the authentication.

From the command line everything works, I can access the server and do all the svn stuff without any problem.

Using Ubuntu 12.04 with Rubymine 4.0.3.

Any advice is appreciated, thanks in advance.

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Hello Luca, the URL that you have provided svn://
tries to access Subversion server via svn protocol, not ssh

You need to provide URL starting with ssh:// to access through ssh


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