[solved] Windows cyrillic issues — RubyMine would NOT WORK if Windows account name is cyrillic

I'm using Windows 7 64-bit Russian. My Windows user name is cyrillic.

The cyrillic name seems to get into PATH and Ruby does not work with cyrillic in path!

The error is like that:

This makes using RubyMIne impossible.

Please help me resolve the issue.

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If the problem is with Temp folder, then move it to another place:

  1. Create new temp folder, e.g. C:\TEMP (make sure that your account has modify rights here, which should be by default in most cases)
  2. My Computer | Properties | Advanced System Settings | Environment Variables on Advanced tab | User variables (top one) -- edit both TEMP and TMP -- point to the new TEMP folder
  3. Log off and log on again (to be sure)
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That helped! Thx! Now Ruby seems to run fine.


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