HTML 5 Tags Parsing Error

Many view files are marked as having an error in them (i.e. squiggly red underline in the project-files window and red markers in the file itself) because HTML 5 tags aren't recognized. For example, the error in one of my view files says "Element nav must be declared".

This issue was raised several releases ago and still has not been fixed. The thing is, it used to work so I don't see why the delay in getting this fixed.

It's nice to be able to see at a glance if any of your files have an error in them, but when you have lots of red squiggly lines appearing in your project window... well, not only does it render this "feature" absolutely worthless, it just looks bad.

Are you planning on fixing this?


P.S. Sorry to complain like this, but this problem has existed - and been pointed out - for months now.

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What do you have at Settings | Schemas and DTDs | Default HTML language level ? Make sure it is set to HTML 5

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Hi Andriy,

That did the trick - thanks!

This was a bug that a bunch of people talked about; I even took screenshot of the red error-tag message in my IDE and submitted it to the bug base. Usually I'm informed when a fix has been issued for something I've brought up - but in this case that didn't happen; I didn't even know about this setting.

Again, thanks for pointing this out.

All in all, 99.9% of the time I marvel at what an incredible piece of software this is! (Wish I could apply that same percentage to myself. ;) )


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