How Do You Push With Tags


In the "old" Rubymine (not sure how old), the "Push" dialog box had a lot more options, including a "Push Tags" checkbox, which is described in the  "Push Changes Dialog" page.

I just created a new branch in my project and then created a tag for it, however, when I pushed it there was no option that allowed me to push the tag (at least that I could find). This was a nice feature because in my repository they had a list-box which listed all of my pushes/tags, so I could easily view any version I wanted. Now I just get to pick 'Master', 'Staging', or 'Production', which really doesn't help.

Is there a way to push tags to a git repository in the latest Rubymine (4.0.2)?


BTW, I know it's not as much fun as adding new features, but the HELP really should be brought up to date. It seems like everything regarding Git and branches/tags is out of date.

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Hello larryh,

Please vote for adding tags to the push dialog:

As about help pages, we are currently in the process of making them up-to-date. Anyway, thanks for pointing that out.


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