Lower case converted to upper case in IDE

When ever I type a lower case letter 'l' (as in the letter before 'm') it is converted to an upper case 'L'
This only occurs if I'm typing text that the IDE deems needs to be in italics, for example method names, metehod parameters and comments.
For example, when I typed in this sample code, every one of the el's was typed in lower case but because it was italic text it was converted to upper.

    (I don't know why my image was shrunk; I hope you can read it)

Perhaps it needs to avoid ambiguity with the number 1 ? And this is only a problem when in italics ?

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This is not an uppercase L, this is how this particular font renders a cursive lowercase l. If you don''t find this comfortable to read, you can switch to a different font at Settings | Editor | Colors and Fonts.

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OK. Thank you.
The lower and upper case el are identical in this font.
But it's not really a problem. I just wondered about it.
And it's good to know I can change the font in settings.
I haven't dug into that yet.
I'm really enjoying using RubyMine to learn Ruby. It's the most full featured IDE I've ever user.
Thank you.


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