.rb files not associated with RubyMine

My .rb files are not associated wiht RubyMine 4.0
All the standard windows steps to do the association fail.
Specifically, when I right click on a .rb file and choose Specify File to open the .rb file type, after choosing RubyMine.exe, it ignores my choice from the file dialog and leaves the old association NotePad.
Shouldn't my install of RubyMine associated .rb files with RubyMine ?
Thank you.

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No, the RubyMine installation does not do that. RubyMine is designed for working on entire projects, not separate files, so it makes only a limited amount of sense to set up such an association.

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Thank you for the prompt reply.
It seems that a project for RubyMine in Windows 7 is simply a Windows folder (directory) which is no not a special file type.
When I do "New Project" (not rails) it just creates a folder.
And there is no "Open Project" option on the File Menu, just Open Folder.

If that is the case, then there really is no particualr file type to connect to RubyMine in Windows.

So I simply start RubyMine and choose what ever poject I want to work on, or continue working with the last project which is already open.


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