Pane, rather than window, for reviewing Git diffs?

It would be very useful if there could be another pane that showed diffs when clicking on a changed-files file, (as opposed to bringing up a full window, which is very very useful too). This would be similary to the way that GitX displays changes.

is that curently possible?


If you're using RubyMine 4, press the "Change Details" button in the Changes view toolbar.


Do you mean "Show Details"?

This shows the hash/author/descript, etc... but does not show diffs of the file content itself.


I mean the "Change Details" button in the bottom right corner of the toolbar in the "Local" tab of the Changes view.


Ah, that's wonderful, and I will use it!

However, what I'd like to do is see the same thing for Git commits. I.e., when I'm reviewing other people's code.


That's not currently available. You're welcome to file a feature request.


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