Remote Debug

I have remote debug starting and connecting and it was working.  I had to reinstall my remote machine and now it doesn't work anymore.

Rubymine says it is connected, but breakpoints do not work.  If I click a breakpoint it waits 5 seconds, then times outs.  The breakpoint is in the IDE, but does not pause execution.

What are the required gems or other requirements on the remote?

I have:

rdebug (0.1)
ruby-debug-base19 (0.11.25)
ruby-debug-base19x (0.11.29)
ruby-debug-ide (0.4.16)
ruby-debug19 (0.11.6)

This is my command line which does succesfully connect
rdebug-ide --port 1234 -h -- /usr/bin/rails server

Any support from Jetbrains?   I tried with EAP, same thing.  Big pauses when trying to add a breakpoint which doesn't do anything.


Please uninstall all your ruby-debug* gems, remove them from gemfile and let RubyMine to install these gems automatically. I recomment latest RubyMine 4.0 EAP for this.


Also please attach idea.log file, you can find it using RubyMine | Help | Reveal Log in Finder action.


I don't have any ruby debug gems in the Gemfile.  That is actually a problem on a remote machine because Rubymine cannot install automatically.  As I said, it was working before and then I had to reinstall the remote machine.  I belive the gem versinos are the same because I posted a snippet on this forum and it had my gem versions.

As I said, Rubymine is able to connect to the remote debug instance which launches Rails server.  But breakpoints don't work.  I wlil post the debug log later today when I get home.  


There was nothing in the log:

Only this on occasion:

2012-01-13 20:40:29,476 [1077785]   INFO - s.impl.stores.FileBasedStorage - Document was not loaded for $APP_CONFIG$/consoleFolding.xml file is null
2012-01-13 20:40:29,476 [1077785]   INFO - .impl.stores.XmlElementStorage - Document was not loaded for $APP_CONFIG$/consoleFolding.xml

2012-01-13 20:33:46,978 [ 675287]   INFO - plication.impl.ApplicationImpl - Not enough pooled threads; creating one at:
 at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.ApplicationImpl$1.newThread(

I am running Windows Rubymine and trying to connect to an Ubuntu remote debug.  I don't understand how it used to work and even what is wrong with it now.  Why would it hold when a breakpoint is added, there is no breakpoint added message on the remote debugger?

I uninstalled extra debug gems on the remote machine.

This is all that's left:

gem list | grep debug
ruby-debug-base19 (0.11.25)
ruby-debug-ide (0.4.16)

Can we get a proper set of instructions for remote debug?  I don't know why it's connecting but not working.

Again any help from Jetbrains?


Please install latest versions of ruby-debug-base19x and ruby-debug-ide with --pre flag:
gem install ruby-debug-base19x --pre
gem install ruby-debug-ide --pre


I uninstalled existing versions of those gems and installed the --pre's, still same thing:

gem list  | grep debug
ruby-debug-base19x (0.11.30.pre6)
ruby-debug-ide (0.4.17.beta8)

There should be some instructions for a remote debug.  I don't know how it worked for me before though.

Any help on this? I have tried all of these suggestions, with 3.x and with EAP. Nuthin. Can't get a breakpoint to hit. Rubymine debugger says connected  but nothing else.
I'm confident that I'm doing something wrong/stupid but don't really have much in the way of comprehensive instructions. Any help from the fine peeps at JetBrains?

My sincere thanks!


Could you please attach versions of the gems on the remote side (linecache19, ruby-debug-base19x, ruby-debug-ide) and on the local machine.
Also, please attach screenshot of your remote debug configuration


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