Detached Menus EAP & Linux

Before I fill out a bug, I wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing this.

I am running the latest EAP of RubyMine (112.219) on Ubuntu 11.10 with Gnome 3.2.1 DE.  The issue is that when the application window is maxmized, the menus are detached from the menu bar.  The windows is scaled by default when the program starts up.

Here is at default:

Here is when I maximize:

On top of that, when maximized, when I release the mouse click, the menu closes.

I don't recall the previous EAP version doing this, however, I was still using Unity at that point, so wasn't sure if it was a Gnome issue.

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Figured it out!

It's the GTK+ L&F theme.

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I am having exactly same issue. What do you mean with L&F theme? Also, when I change the theme to some other (like metal), I have another issue: I can't click the menu items. I am using Fedora 16 (Gnome3) and JDK 7

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I personally stopped using EAP version as it was broken in multiple ways under Gnome 3.2.

Despite what I thought was the issue, this problem reappeared after starting a new session.

I have a colleague running Ubuntu 10.10 which still uses Gnome 2.x and he seems to not have any of the same issues.

Maybe Ill try running RM EAP under Unity DE and see if I have any issues.

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This issue (although with others I was experiencing) is not occurring under Unity DE, nor is it present under KDE.

Gnome 3 is the issue.

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Do you have any determinate steps to reproduce? I use Ubuntu Linux with Gnome3 installed, and cannot reproduce. Also I use GTK+L&F.


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As crass as this sounds, the most common way it is reproduced is simply by launching the app.

Please see this video:

However, if the glitch is not present at launch as in the video, there are 2 other scenarios where it occurred post launch:

1. if the app happens to load not maximized, auto maximizing it will sure produce the issue

2.  moving the app windows from my laptop screen (resolution 1600x900) to the external monitor (resolution 1440x900) will reproduce the issue most of the time.

The specifics of my build:

Ubuntu 11.10
Linux Kernal 3.0.0-15-generic
GNOME 3.2.1
Sun Java


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