current support for JRuby

I'm trying to ascertaint the support for Jruby and mainly on two fronts:

1. GUI
2. packaging

NetBeans has the Matisse gui builder and the monkeybars team uses it as the basis for their tutorials. If I needed a Swing GUI to a Ruby application I had built how would I do about doing that with JetBrains i.e. it can't just be donw with Rubymine so what would I do.

Also I'm looking for a solution where I can tell the IDE to package into jar, .app or.exe. Yes, RAWR does that but I'm finding issues with it and I would rather have a solution supported by my IDE maker.

thanks in advance


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We don't have any UI designer capable of generating Ruby code. The only option is to use the UI Designer in IntelliJ IDEA to generate Java class files and write the actual logic as Ruby code that interacts with those classes.

For packaging, RubyMine integrates with Warbler, which allows to package a Rails application into a .war file. We don't have any support for packaging desktop applications.


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