In Project Window the Project (hierarchy) folders keep collapsing; how to prevent?

I'm using a custom Scope (not sure if that is relevant).

During editing, the hierarchy of folders often collapses to a closed topmost (project) folder.

Hitting the 'Scroll from Source' button seems to partially expand the hierarchy again, but not with the same state as it collapsed with (I have to re-navigate and re-open previously opened folders).

I think this happens mostly (always?) when I refactor (rename a file) via opt-F6 but I can't say for sure.

Can I prevent this behavior?


EDIT: I forgot to mention, I'm using RM 4, EAP 112.219.

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This is also happening in 2017.3.1, bumping this.

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sorry for the delay. It appears to be a known problem similar to the following issues:


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