Spork worth it with 1.9.3?

I'm using the EAP 112.49. I've noticed that using Spork with 1.9.3 is slower, and sometimes results in very confusing test results when one fails to restart spork when needed.

Is there still a need to use spork with 1.9.3 and rubymine?



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Hi Jusin,

"Spork" is a gem/technology provided by Ruby community, RubyMine just allows to use it when automatically configures run confiugrations for tests. RubyMine doesn't force you to use or not spork - it is your choice.

Is there still a need to use spork with 1.9.3  

It is better to ask spork developers, probably spork isn't fully compatible with 1.9.3.  In general it allows tests to reuse same application among tests and do not load it in memory before each test. If your app is heavy spork can help, if app is lightweight spork overhead may make tests a bit slower.


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