how to publish multiple projects to same github project

Say I have a Github repository "Rubymine Sandbox" in said repository I want to be able to store multiple Rubymine projects. I don't understand how to drive that from Rubymine. Ideally I somehow need to be able to specify to Rubymine that my project "ProjectABC" should be added to GitHub repository "Rubymine Sandbox" and so forth with the rest of the projects I want under that specifi GitHub repository.

Once that is setup Rubymine should know that commiting ProjectABC is to said repository.

Currently the "share in Github" creates a GitHub repository with the same name as the Rubymine project.

To state in another way I don't want to have a 1:1 relationship between Rubymine projects and GitHub repositories. On the contrary I want 1 GitHub repository to house multiple Rubymine projects.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Hi Charles,

In theory it is possible to run multiple projects on a single GitHub repository by giving each project its own branch; however that can get very messy and is not what git was designed for: I've seen people using a secondary branch for documentation and it's always ended up causing more trouble than it solved.

GitHub, and indeed git itself, is designed to have a single project on each of its repositories, so unless you've got a particularly close knitting of projects that would warrent a weave together I'd avoid it.

The thing that you are really looking for is git 'submodules', but unfortunately RubyMine does not currently support them.  You may consider voting up this feature at .

Sorry, it's not terribly helpful in a get you moving forward way; but is there any particular reason that you don't want to use separate repositories? Since free ones are unlimited... I'm guessing you're using private ones and don't want to use them up too quickly! ;)

Kind regards,


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