Problem extracting files for Rubymine 4.0


I just downloaded and installed the RM-112.49 build on both a 32-bit laptop running Ubuntu 11.10 and a 64-bit desktop running Ubuntu 11.04. Both had problems extracting the files.

On the laptop I got an error, but when I tried re-extracting the files it finished successfully. I did that first and have since turned it off, so I can't give you the precise error message.

On the desktop I got an error and subsequent re-extractions did not work, however, the IDE did install and seems to be working fine (although I just did this a few minutes ago and have yet to put it through its paces). The good news is that I can give you the error message I got:

** (file-roller:11620): WARNING **: Could not get filesystem free space on volume that contains /root/.cache: Error getting filesystem info: No such file or directory action_performed: ERROR!

As far as free space goes, I have about 500 GB of that, so... who knows.

Hope this helps,

P.S. If I find other problems should I post them here or to the Bug Base? If the latter, it's at, right?

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