RM 3.2.4 Mac - Issues with checking out Git branches

Hey guys,

I'm about to upgrade to 4.0 EAP, but occasionally I have problems using Git and Rubymine.  I don't use RM Git integration, though I may try that.  I just use Git form the command line.  

Most of the time RM stays in sync when I change branches.  That is, when I change branches, the uncommited changes on the current branch are gone without having to stash them.  But occasionally, I have some issues where the uncommited changes on the current branch are kept when I change branches, which can cause some problems.

What am I doing wrong here?  How does Rubymine watch for changes in files and branches when not using Git integration?

Thanks guys.
David Conner

MacBook-Pro-2 dconner$ git checkout ten
M app/models/some_tool.rb
M app/services/some_service.rb
M app/views/tools/_ajax.html.haml
M app/views/tools/top_ten/show.html.haml
Switched to branch 'ten'

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