Cannot do git pull or push in RubyMine

Hi there,

I am not sure what is happening, but when I do a "pull" or "push" from the git menu in RubyMine, the progress bar comes up with the message  "Pulling/Pushing changes from/to origin" and it just pretty much stalls and never stops.  I have already set it up to use http proxy as well as trying it switching the SSH executable from "Native" to  "RubyMine ssh".  Neither works.  I also generated SSH keys following instructions from git integration documentation on jetbrains website.  Everything I tried resulted in the same thing.  Is there anything else I can try or places to look to atleast debug what the problem is?

By the way, this is what the Version Control Console prints out when I do a pull and then I cancel it after many minutes:

16:28:48.979: cd /home/developer/dcp
16:28:48.980: git pull --no-stat -v origin i18n --progress
Password: Killed
16:37:23.162: cd /home/developer/dcp
16:37:23.163: git rev-list --timestamp --max-count=1 HEAD --
1319842583 d59c4392f06939de81af7a72e042fabf03cd310f

Please help and thank you :)

RubyMine: 3.2.4
Ubuntu: 11.04
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Hello Irene,

Do you use HTTP(S) or SSH to connect to your Git repository? You may check this in the URL of your Git remote.

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Hi there,

I use https.
The URL is something like https://myusername@url.of.source/project/git/project/
In command line, password is prompted when pulling and pushing.

Thanks in advance for your help :)

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Unfortunately, authorization via HTTP(S) is not yet supported by IDEA:
Please use SSH until the issue is fixed.


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