running all unit-tests does not work (FactoryGirl,Shoulda,TestUnit)


i am trying to run all tests in test/unit through Rubymine, which ends up in an error.
Running each test individually through RM works fine though.

The error is like so:
NoMethodError: undefined method `kind_of?=' for #<Person:0x0000010809ad18>

activemodel (3.1.0) lib/active_model/attribute_methods.rb:385:in `method_missing'
    activerecord (3.1.0) lib/active_record/attribute_methods.rb:60:in `method_missing'
    factory_girl (2.1.0) lib/factory_girl/proxy/build.rb:21:in `set'
    factory_girl (2.1.0) lib/factory_girl/attribute/static.rb:12:in `add_to'


Doing a bit of debugging I ended up with tunit_in_folder_runner.rb (line 80) imposing this on the object in question, which can be shown, if the kind_of? is changed to is_a? . Then is_a? is shown in the NoMethodError.

--------- tunit_in_folder_runner.rb, around 80 ---------
def is_test_case_class?(obj)
    is_test_case = (obj.kind_of?(Class) == true) && obj.ancestors.include?(Test::Unit::TestCase) && (obj != Test::Unit::TestCase)
  rescue Exception => e
    is_test_case = false


Iterating over the ObjectSpace adds a second attributes array to the Factories with a FactoryGirl::Attribute::Static (@name = 'kind_of?', @value = 'Class'). This eventually then gets send to ActiveRecord for evaluation ending up in the error above.

RubyMine 3.2.3

rails (3.1.0)
factory_girl (2.1.0)
factory_girl_rails (1.2.0)
shoulda (2.11.3)

Any idea on how to avoid this? Am I missing a configuration issue? Thanks.
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I got the same problem and posted to

Except that I found the kind_of? attribute is a FactoryGirl::Attribute::Dynamic (rather than static)

Do someone have a solution? It is hard to figure out what FactoryGirl is doing. What else can we expect from Ruby.

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'test-unit' gem provides 'testrb' script for launching tests.

romeo@unit-360 ~/work/git/IDEA_maia(master)$ testrb -h
Test::Unit automatic runner.
Usage: /usr/bin/testrb [options] [-- untouched arguments]

    -r, --runner=RUNNER              Use the given RUNNER.
                                     (c[onsole], f[ox], g[tk], g[tk]2, t[k])
    -b, --basedir=DIR                Base directory of test suites.
    -w, --workdir=DIR                Working directory to run tests.
    -a, --add=TORUN                  Add TORUN to the list of things to run;
                                     can be a file or a directory.
    -p, --pattern=PATTERN            Match files to collect against PATTERN.
    -x, --exclude=PATTERN            Ignore files to collect against PATTERN.
    -n, --name=NAME                  Runs tests matching NAME.
                                     (patterns may be used).
    -t, --testcase=TESTCASE          Runs tests in TestCases matching TESTCASE.
                                     (patterns may be used).
    -I, --load-path=DIR[:DIR...]     Appends directory list to $LOAD_PATH.
    -v, --verbose=[LEVEL]            Set the output level (default is verbose).
                                     (s[ilent], p[rogress], n[ormal], v[erbose])
        --                           Stop processing options so that the
                                     remaining options will be passed to the
    -h, --help                       Display this help.

Deprecated options:
        --console                    Console runner (use --runner).
        --gtk                        GTK runner (use --runner).
        --fox                        Fox runner (use --runner).

Probably "testrb -b dir" runs all tests in a folder. If so, then we can use such way instead of iterating through ObjectSpace. Could you check either testrb script works with FactoryGirl or not?

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Also you can launch all tests in project using rake tasks.

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thanks for the answer, this works fine in RAILS_ROOT:

> testrb -Itest test/unit/

test has to be included due to "require 'test_helper'" in test/unit/* files.

From somewhere else (cd ..) -b has to be included and -I changed

> testrb -b./rails -Irails/test test/unit/

This seems to me a better approach then iterating through ObjectSpace. Even more as


does not work for most Classes or Modules. At least not for the ancestors of the Testclasses, but the class Object. Which does not narrow down the objects to a useful set ;-). Otherwise restricting to the root of Testclasses would suffice.

Thanks for the hint again.

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In case anyone else finds this and is having the same problem... the following hack seems to solve the problem:

def is_test_case_class?(obj)
    return false if obj.class.to_s =~ /FactoryGirl/
    is_test_case = (obj.kind_of?(Class) == true) && obj.ancestors.include?(Test::Unit::TestCase) && (obj != Test::Unit::TestCase)

It's ugly, but it does prevent the ObjectSpace iteration from screwing up your factories... and now all of my tests pass without throwing the kind_of?= error.
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