Hello Peter,

Yes, use RM | File | Synchronize action. It is also available in ToolBar. To force refresh VCS changes/state press "Synchronize" button on "9: Changes" tool window toolbar


I am having the same issue with RubyMine 3.0.1 on Windows (Vista) and I am completely new to the IDE.

Whenever I make any changes to the project file structure outside of RubyMine, in most cases the project tree does not refresh properly. Manually 'synchronizing' does not really solve it most of the time either. For example I just created a new directory and put a new file in there (outside of RubyMine) and while RubyMine noticed the new directory, it did not notice the file in there. Sometimes hiding the Project tree and then double-clicking it again helps. But I've only spent about one hour in RubyMine now and it was missing files or folders about ten times, that is really quite inconvenient.

Update: Duh. I downloaded RubyMine 3.1 now after reading about it on the forums and after a few quick tests, it seems to be a lot better at noticing changes in the file system. It would be nice if there was a notice about the 3.1 'beta' version on http://www.jetbrains.com/ruby/ - before I went to the forums I assumed 3.0.1 was the latest greatest...


I'm getting this right now, on Windows in RubyMine 3.2.4.
Even if I right-click & choose "Synchronize" it is still not loading changes in a file (this is in addition to not seeing files that have been added to a folder)
If I edit & make changes to a file (that has already refused to load the contents from disk) & press "Save", it finally asks if I want to load changes on the filesystem - and only then does it reload the file from disk again. Although I've lost the changes I made.

This feels like 2 bugs, 1) that synchronize doesn't work and 2) I shouldn't need to synchronize in the first place.


At first I thought that this feature still didn't work. I didn't realize that there's a 'project files' view and a 'project' view where 'project files' limits the project window to what IDEA feels are project related files.


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