How do I restore off screen/hidden windows on a currently non-existant second monitor? (RubyMine 3.2.4 on Win7)


When my laptop is docked I have a second monitor connected.
I am currently using just the laptop though and noticed that my Find/Replace and Settings windows are still located on the currently non-existing second monitor.

I tried Window > Restore Default Layout, but that did not fix it. I checked the help and tried searching for a solution, but I can't seem to find anything to address this.
These windows do not show up as separate application windows under RubyMine in Windows 7.

I am running RubyMine 3.2.4 on Windows 7.

Has anyone run into this? Please let me know if you have a solution to this problem.




Cunning use of keyboard short-cuts is the answer:

  • Alt-Tab the right window to the foreground
  • Alt-Space to bring up the system menu for the active window (you won't be able to see this)
  • Down arrow once to select 'Move' (again, it's out of view)
  • Enter to select the menu item
  • Down arrow to start the window move
  • Mouse movement then will 'spring' the window into view.

If it doesn't work the first time, it's usually because you accidentally nudged the mouse whilst doing the keystrokes, so try again.

I normally have a twin head setup, but sometimes need to take one of the monitors off and come across this problem quite frequently.

On Linux (Ubuntu at least) you have to go down twice to micj 'Move', but it still works whichever OS I have loaded. :)

Hope that helps.


Mouse over the CLion icon on the task bar.

Right click in the mini-window that appears just over the icon.

Select "maximize"


It is Simple to fix: close webstorm-> go to the folder of the project that your opening upon webstorm launch -> go into the folder ".idea" -> delete workspace.xml -> open webstorm again -> you just need to fix your views in webstorm which anyone can do.



That's a drastic fix.

Mine is over 2200 lines long, and I believe there's just one setting relevant to this issue:

<component name="ProjectFrameBounds" extendedState="6">
<option name="x" value="1960" />
<option name="y" value="12" />
<option name="width" value="1914" />
<option name="height" value="990" />

I do not want to lose the rest.

This setting does not affect the initial "Did you know?" window. I quite like that feature, when I can see the window and click on it to clear it.

I reckon JetBrains can do better than that.




@Lthoie, for me at least, secondary windows like the Tip Of The Day *do not* appear in the taskbar. If they did, I would have tools to move them. I repeat...

Either secondary windows should show up on the taskbar so normal window manager tools can be used to move them around *or* they should be positioned relative to the main window. At present neither of those things are happening.


I renamed the .idea in the project folder to .idea.prev

then restarted inteliJ. and it opened on my screen without any loaded project

then renamed idea.prev back to idea, opened the project and then saved it.





I have the same problem with IntelliJ on XFCE on Debian. Pressing Enter or Space bar puts focus back to the parent window, so this doesn't work for me.

I can reposition main windows visible on the XFCE task bar. To my mind child windows should either be positioned relative to their parent, or should appear in their own right on the task bar. The current situation makes it difficult to reposition off-screen child windows.



sorry for the delay. It appears to be a known problem:

You can also vote for it so that you receive notifications regarding its state.


Yes, so, from the comment above, setting

<option name="x" value="1960" />
<option name="y" value="12" />


to 0/0, like this

<option name="x" value="0" />
<option name="y" value="0" />


should put the window within available one.


Hi @Djolecorp,

No. That setting affects the main project window. Popups like the "Did you know" are not affected by this. I think popup windows such as "Did you know" should behave in one of two ways:

1. Positioned *relative* to project windows, so changing the option in workspace.xml does affect it.

2. Appear in taskbar in its own right, so I can use the Move command in my window manager.

Neither of these is happening at the moment.






At least in my environment (XFCE on Debian), secondary windows such as "Did you know" or the prompt for an SSH key *do not appear* in the taskbar.

I think this is an either-or situation. Either secondary windows should be positioned relative to the primary *or* they should appear in the taskbar in their own right. The crux of the problem is that neither of those things are happening, so normal window manager tools for positioning are not available to me.




Hi again,

I have just noticed that diffs such as "Compare with same repository version" create a secondary window that *is* listed on the taskbar, so it's much easier to move even when positioned off-screen.

It seems to me that secondary windows are or are not listed in the taskbar depending on whether they are "big" (e.g. diff) or "small" (e.g. Tip Of The Day, enter SSH key). That seems very arbitrary. Is there any rhyme or reason to it?





"Mouse over the CLion icon on the task bar.

Right click in the mini-window that appears just over the icon.

Select "maximize""


Thanks Pete, that worked for me on win 10.


1. Click your InteliJ icon to focus on the app.

2. windows+arrow keys to move the window to your current screen.


@Zhaoyuzhengze, that doesn't work for secondary windows like "Did you know" or the prompt for an SSH key. They remain off-screen.


I had a similar issue on windows 10 when using virtual desktops: moving Intellij to another desktop would make it disappear. Per the suggestion of Geoff Riley using the Alt-Tab and navigating to the move menu fixed the issue.


On mac+phpstorm, I was able to hold down option and drag the window from the bottom sliver left on screen.


I just deleted my projects .idea folder. I re-opened the IDE. Now, it works.


Literally just made an account to say Geoff Riley's wizardy worked for me on Jetbrains Rider LOL


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