Ruby Gem Development and RubyMine?

Currently, I can only do a new project based on a new directory or Rails application. If I were to do gem development, I'd expect some assistance from RM, for instance, File-> New Project -> Ruby Gem. And then it automates most of the boilerplate things like ..

- Choosing the best possible way to create a gem. Some suggest using bundler, others jeweler and hue and what not. It would be nice if RM kind of standardizes that for developers and more importantly keeping the details hidden. More programmatically -- abstracts it away :-) and lets the programmer concentrate on the "business logic" of the gem.

- Creates the standard gem structure.

Extra credit if RM suggests the best prectices (e.g. sane use of namespaces etc.) while doing the actual gem development.

Is this a feature request, already?


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Hi Kedar,

Good idea, please file an feature request at


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