Bundler impedance mismatch

Well it seems that with Rails3, bundler, by default, installs all of your gems in a directory under the rails-project-directory.  

This is all very good except that I believe RubyMine finds all of those gems and indexes them all, and takes a rather long time to do it, and consumes quite a bit of memory in the process.

Is there any way to tell RubyMine to ignore the directory where the bundled gem files are stored?


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RubyMine requires to parse/index them because they are require for code insight features (completion, resolve, inspections, etc.)

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Hello Roman,

Thanks for the quick response.

I understand the rationale for parsing the files for the project.  However, it is rare that we need to debug the numerous gem files (libraries)  that we use.

My solution was to

remove the gem directory under the project-directory

execute: bundle config path /opt/path-to-some-directory-outside-the-project-dir
               bundle install

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However, it is rare that we need to debug the numerous gem files (libraries)  that we use.

Yes you don't need to debug, but most likely you want RubyMine to proved code completion and go to declaration features. Parsing and indexing is performed in background and is performed only once.


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