Issues with differences between command line and RubyMine

I've only been using Cucumber and Ruby for the last 5 mos. I have the most latest version of RubyMine. I am starting to see a lot of my time being wasted by trying to get things to work in RubyMine. Last week I wasted 2 days trying to figure out a problem with my code only to discover that the code works perfect if executed from the command line. I have reviewed the settings and Runner options and they appear to be set correctly. The same settings for execution which are listed on the command line have been placed in the Cucumber Default Runner options text box in the Run/Debug Configurations section. Looking for ideas on how to proceed with getting RubyMine to execute scripts in the same manner as from the command line before I have to scrap this IDE and use something else.

Specifically this problem involves a custom formatter that I'm writing. Most of the methods work except  before_table_row and  after_table_row. Executing the same feature using the same formatter from the command line, the methods are called and work. From Rubymine, the formatter is called but the  before_table_row and  after_table_row methods are skipped. Seemed to me to be a cucumber version issue. Removed all versions of Cucumber except for most recent. Runs fine on command line, but still having issues from RubyMine.


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RubyMine adds --expand option to cucumber run params it is required for our GUI runner, probably it is the answer.

Specifically this problem involves a custom formatter that I'm writing.

In this use case probably better to run off RubyMine GUI cucumber tests runner. To disable our runner just pass --format option with some formatter name in runner options, you can save such runner options in project default settings and RM will autocreate run configurations with your custom runner options.
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Thanks for the response. I actually already have the Runner options set exactly as the options are listed in the command line.

As I stated earlier, RubyMine is using the formatter, just some of the methods of the formatter are not being called when they should be and as they are with the command line execution.

Any other ideas?

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Try to debug it using RubyMine dubugger or just debug output. It is easy to understand which gem version is used from stacktrace. E.g. insert

puts caller.join("\n     ");

in some of your step definitions


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