Cursor hang, editor freeze - extremely annoying

Ever since 3.2 released, we see at least one discussion related to cursor hang/editor freeze super active in the community. I am sure
the rubymine developers are trying to isolate the issue and resolve it. Given its been a few months and we have tried
many of the 3.2 beta versions in the hope the freeze issue is resolved,

can we request the developers to disable whatever features that are tied to key typing while they FULLY resolve it?.

Meaning, the cursor should not hang in any case. Please feel free to disable 100 other features in the IDE to acheive it, we will still
be happy with the IDE. Remember, a majority of ruby fans proved that a ruby guy can live on just TextMate.

Freezing the cursor is like adult comment.  I know it is an extreme metaphor. I used it so that anybody can understand
the intensity of the frustration we go through when the cursor freezes, wherever you are on the plant.

For my part, I re-installed v3.1.1 to avoid the frustration.

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We work on a rails v2.3.9 project
Do not use Bundler
JDK 1.6.24
JRuby 1.5.2
The cursor hang is observed on Windows 7 and Linux Mint

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Hello m v,

You can disable major part of RubyMine cpu consuming insections using "File | Power Safe Mode" . I understand your annoyance but please help us to identify your problem, please capture a CPU snapshot as described at before enabling "Power Safe Mode". Several users recently sent as their CPU snapshot and now we are working on perfomance leaks which are shown in the snapshots. If the problem still persists in "Power Safe Mode" please capture additonal CPU snapshot. At the moment we've already rewrote our interal code insigh engine and it works faster than 1.x-3.x implementation. When we stabilize it we will start 4.0 EAPs.

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Also disabling autopopup code completion should help. File | Settings | Editor | Code Completion | Autopopup in (ms)



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