Exclude /log and /vendor from usage searches


I installed all of my apps dependencies to /vendor with `bundle install --path vendor/bundle`. Now when I, say, delete a file and have RubyMine search for references it's painfully slow because it's searching the /vendor directory. Additionally, it also appears to be searching /log.

How can I get RubyMine to ignore /vendor, /log, and any other folders I deem ignorable for the purposes of refactoring, finding usages, etc?

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right-click on the directory and select 'Mark Directory as' + 'excluded'

You can also do this globally (at the project level) in the
    Properties > Project Structure

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Excluded files are not visible in Project view and wont be anaylyzed be our code inisight engine. Alternative solution is to setup a custom scope for find useages:
1. If find usages dialog press '...' button (for local variables you cannot change scope because RM determines it according to ruby language specification)
Screen Shot 2011-08-16 at 11.55.44.png
2. Then using "+" create a local or shared scrope. Shared scope can be shared with outher team, and local scope will be saved in your workspace file which usually isn't in VCS and isn't shared with other people.

3. Then select 'log' an 'vendor' folder and press "Exclude recursively"
Screen Shot 2011-08-16 at 11.59.10.png

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This does not solve the problem of opening a file. When I press Ctrl+Shift+O and try to find a file it will show me files in vendors even though I have a scope with vendors excluded.

So current situation is - if you exclude vendors you will turn your screen yellow due to all highlights of classes that are not recognized. If you define scope without vendors it will work for searching.

Is there anything I can do not to see vendor files in Files search?

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We have a request for implementing scope supports in files' navigation so please add your vote:



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