I have Rubymine set up so I can push to Herokue without much problem but I drop back to terminal for my heroku commands --- IT seems like there should be an easy way to do this in the IDE - Mayb I should add this as a feature sugggestion but I thought I'd ask first

Any suggestions?

These are the CLI Commands

=== General Commands

help                         # show this usage
version                      # show the gem version

list                         # list your apps
create [<name>]              # create a new app

keys                         # show your user's public keys
keys:add [<path to keyfile>] # add a public key
keys:remove <keyname>        # remove a key by name (user@host)
keys:clear                   # remove all keys

info                         # show app info, like web url and git repo
open                         # open the app in a web browser
rename <newname>             # rename the app

dynos <qty>                  # scale to qty web processes
workers <qty>                # scale to qty background processes

sharing:add <email>          # add a collaborator
sharing:remove <email>       # remove a collaborator
sharing:transfer <email>     # transfers the app ownership

domains:add <domain>         # add a custom domain name
domains:remove <domain>      # remove a custom domain name
domains:clear                # remove all custom domains

ssl:add <pem> <key>          # add SSL cert to the app
ssl:remove <domain>          # removes SSL cert from the app domain

rake <command>               # remotely execute a rake command
console <command>            # remotely execute a single console command
console                      # start an interactive console to the remote app

restart                      # restart app servers
logs                         # fetch recent log output for debugging
logs:cron                    # fetch cron log output

maintenance:on               # put the app into maintenance mode
maintenance:off              # take the app out of maintenance mode

config                       # display the app's config vars (environment)
config:add key=val [...]     # add one or more config vars
config:remove key [...]      # remove one or more config vars
config:clear                 # clear user-set vars and reset to default

stack                        # show current stack and list of available stacks
stack:migrate                # prepare migration of this app to a new stack

db:pull [<database_url>]     # pull the app's database into a local database
db:push [<database_url>]     # push a local database into the app's remote database

bundles                      # list bundles for the app
bundles:capture [<bundle>]   # capture a bundle of the app's code and data
bundles:download             # download most recent app bundle as a tarball
bundles:download <bundle>    # download the named bundle
bundles:destroy <bundle>     # destroy the named bundle

addons                       # list installed addons
addons:info                  # list all available addons
addons:add name [key=value]  # install addon (with zero or more config vars)
addons:remove name           # uninstall an addons
addons:clear                 # uninstall all addons

destroy                      # destroy the app permanently
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Hello Tom,

RubyMine doesn't have any special support for Heroku, feel free to submit a feature requiest with desired functionality.
Issue tracker: http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issues/RUBY


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Thanks just to mention the feature request here: http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/RUBY-9040


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