Rails View: Views and Helpers Missing

I am relatively new to RubyMine and I have been exploring its many features. Just came across the Rails View, and it seems very useful. But for some reason I do not see all of the views in my application. Only one set of views for one model show up. Has anyone else experienced this? I assume it's related to the fact that the tree says "unclassified" next to both Helpers and Views and the folder icon has a dotted line. (See attached picture.) Am I missing something?

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Hi Dan,

Do you have a PersonMailersController to match up with the view?

Views nest beneath controllers in the Rails view; if you don't have an appropriate controller, then they go in the unclassified section as you're seeing.

Hope that helps.


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Sorry, Geoff, meant to come back here and post that I found them! Yes, I see how it works now. Very useful view! I knew the "unclassified" was a clue, but I had looked elsewhere for them and did not see them until after I posted this.

I'm really enjoying RubyMine and I know I have lots more to learn to do with it!

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No problem - I'm new to RubyMine too... and so things like this are catching me out quite often... if I can help out fellow newbies, then all the better, but if you found it yourself: it's cool! :-)


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