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Hello Folks,

thanks for making this cool IDE. I am primarily a Rails developer on OS X. Having worked with NetBeans for a couple of years, I want to give RubyMine a try. Some things I miss in 3.2.1:

  • New File: open a blank file in the editor, no need to assign a file name or anything; maybe I will never want to save that file, just make some notes, or paste-regex-copy stuff; something like "$ vim [enter]"; I always missed that in NetBeans and would use it more than once per day
  • I usually have several projects open; I couldn't figure out how switch between projects (that hide each other) except minimizing windows; it should be at least in the 'Window' menu
  • I miss <Shift>+<Cmd>+<Up> and <Shift>+<Cmd>+<Down> from NetBeans, which copies the selection in that direction (similar to "yyp" in vim)
  • I miss <Shift>+<Ctrl>+<Up> and <Shift>+<Ctrl>+<Down> from NetBeans, which swaps the current line with the one in that direction
  • My previous searches should be kept accessible, not only the most recent one

    Maybe I have just overlooked some functionality. I that case, any hint is highly appreciated.

    Kind regards


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