Project is Rails 2.3.8 but RM reports a missing gem Rails ~> 2.1.0


I am currently working on a rails 2.3.8 project.
It's quite a big project, and it utilizes a dozen of plugins and gems.

Anyway, RM is saying that Rails ~> 2.1.0 is missing. However I do not wish to install Rails 2.1.0 etc. into this project.

How can I find out what is causing this strange dependency?


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At first check that your config/environment.rb doesn't set RAILS_VERSION to 2.1.0. Then open RubyMine | File | Settings | Ruby SDK and Gems. If rails "2.1.0" is mentioned in list of attached gems - please fix it manually (e.g. deattach rails gems and attach rails 2.3.8 gem)


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