Mac: Using Alt-C/Alt-X/Alt-V as Copy/Paste

I just switched to mac not too long ago and I've been looking a way to copy,cut, paste, undo and redo with the alt key instead of typing funny letters.  I've been searching for a couple hours now and nothing.  

I was able to define these shortcuts in system preferences in mac osx, but it still types the letters and doesn't issue the commands.

I tried entering the commands in rubymine's keymap editor but i ran into some problems.  First, it would only let me define certain keymaps with the alt key, like alt-c, but wouldn't let me define alt-v and alt-x.  So i found the "/Library/Rubymine32/keymaps/Default for mac os x copy.xml" file and manually edited, with limited success, the keyboard shortcuts still don't send the commands.

However, i did find a workaround that i think will be good.  I just set control to do move caret by word and set the cut copy and paste to use control as well and this should work.

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This really isn't bothering me as much.

But, you know what would be really cool? If i could hit [Shift]-[Space] and type an underscore.  That would be sweet.

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Hi David,

I've switched to Mac about 3 or 4 years ago. According to my experience I recommend you to learn and use native mac shortcuts instead of that which you was using in OS. On Mac many applications follows same guidelines and use the same shortcuts for similar actions. RubyMine's "Default MacOS keymap" also tries to follow some rules, but RubyMine requires much more shortcuts than usual editor, so for some useful actions we prefer ours shortcuts to guideline ones.

Other wise you will have to remap shortcuts in lots of MacOS applications and it will be a pain in the neck.


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