Rubymine and Rails compatibility

Hello, Everybody.
When I'm creating a new rails project -  I can choose a version of rails for my app.
But if i pick lastest version (currently 3.1.0.rc1) there some bugs occurs when project viewed as Rails App. I mean app/assets are placed in root of project but imho js/css sources should have a better place. Also with new feature with template inheritance in rails rc - if i name parent dir for templates as "application" (to make its templates globally visible for all controllers) its just disappear from Rails view of project (In simple project view its OK of cource).

Could these things be concidered as "bugs" which are appears only with "raw" versions of rails?

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Hi Konstantin,

RubyMine 3.1.x doesn't provide special support for new rails 3.1 features. We are working now on RubyMine 3.2 minor update for rails 3.1 compatibility. Thank you for the issue.


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