Mac OS X: go to end of page

The mac ref card shows how to jump to the end of a page but I don't know which key it refers to on my keyboard (I'm new to mac's)

Look for "Go to bottom of page", it's something about the "Command" key + (some double down arrow thing).  Can someone tell me what key that is? I'm on macbook pro.



Craig - After looking around and doing some testing on my MacBook Pro I found that you can map key combos using the Settings dialog.  Open the Settings dialog (File -> Settings) and select the Keymap section on the left hand side.  I found that what you are looking for is already mapped.  In the Editor Actions section look for Move Caret to Text End.  This is what you want.  The key combo is command and an arrow pointing down to the left. I think the arrow may be unique to RubyMine as I've never seen it before.  And a quick browse of the RM help came up empty.  Although I only spent a few minutes looking, it may be in there somewhere.  If you do find out what it is please let me know :-)

Of course you could always re-map that key combination to something more standard like, command + down arrow :-)



The symbol is page up/down. On macbook keyboard that has no numeric section you can do Page Up/Down with Fn+Arrow Up/Down

Hope it helps,


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