One of my rspecs can't be "right click and run" from Project view

My project has a spec directory which has a bunch of sub-directories which contain individual rspecs like...


The pages_controller_spec and sessions_controller_spec can both be Run or Debug by right clicking and selecting "Run pages_controller_spec..." or "Debug pages_controller_spec..." as appropriate.

For some reason, right clicking on microposts_controller_spec does not off the Run or Debug options (or the Create run profile option, for that matter).

The microposts_controller_spec itself runs fine, if I manually set-up a run profile for it.  What's up with that?  How do I get this spec to be right-click runable from the Project view?


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I've had the same problem after updating the rspec-rails gem to version 2.6. After setting the rspec version back to 2.5 (gem 'rspec-rails', '2.5.0' in the Gemfile) the context menu is back again.


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This seems to be happening all the time where rspec/bundler etc are outpacing Rubymine.  Perhaps these Rubymine bindings should be made into gems and included into the Rubymine environment.  So you could have rspec-rubymine 2.6.0 for instance and this works with rspec 2.6.  This would avoid having to wait for an entire new release to support new bindings.  Someone could just update the binding gems as new versions of bundler, rspec etc are released.


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