Ruby console exits immediately


I'm trying to launch an IRB Console and I'm finding that it exits immediately with no error.  In fact, not just the IRB console, but any console-based Ruby script will have this same behaviour.  So far I've tried using "Run IRB Console" and "Run Rails Console" from the Tools menu, as well as simply running "script/console" directly from my Rails app.  The same behaviour happens in all cases.

What I'm seeing is that the programs launch correctly and run just fine until the point where I see the >> prompt in the console.  Then, about 1 second later, the JRuby process exits and it shows "Process finished with exit code 0".

Here is the complete view of the console from "Run IRB Console":

C:\Users\scott\Programming\jruby-1.5.1\bin\jruby.exe -e $stdout.sync=true;$stderr.sync=true;load($0=ARGV.shift) C:/Users/scott/Programming/jruby-1.5.1/bin/jirb --prompt simple

Process finished with exit code 0

If I copy the command exactly as its shown here and run it on a command line it works perfectly.

I'm using IntelliJ 10.5 with the 3.1 Ruby plugin.

Is there any way to get more error information about what is happening here?


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