Problem with -- Rails gem isn't activated in RubyMine's Gem Manager for module

I am rather new  to Ruby Mine, and I am having problems in the beginning :D

I wanted to ask something, as I am having problems running applications on Ruby Mine 3.0

I have Rails application, and I have launched Ruby Mine 3.0 so I could debug my application in it.  (My application is fully functional outside Ruby Mine)
Ok. I have lanched the application and added to project. After adding a project I ran Run -> Debug and a message showed  up saying:  Rails gem isn't activated in RubyMine's Gem Manager for module

I have searched the internet looking for the solution , but I can't find the answer.

I am running on Windows 7, ruby 1.8.7 and Rails 2.3.8

My gem menager looks like this:
ruby gems.gif

And my gem environment looks like this:

Please help.


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I have found the solution. The problem was in my gems path it had too many ' \ '
so I removed \ at the end of the directory path.

Hope this will help some one :8}


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This helped me.  On linux/Fedora I was setting GEM_HOME, the solution was to go from this:

setenv GEM_HOME /home/ken/.gem/gems/

to this:

setenv GEM_HOME /home/ken/.gem/gems


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