Recognizing gem/module when creating a new class?

Is it possible that RM recognizes the structure of folders when creating a new class (File -> New -> Ruby Class)?

For example, I am creating a Ruby Gem and I have a standard gem structure:

|-- gem_name
       |-- Gemfile
       |-- gem_name.gemspec
       |-- lib
            |-- A.rb ...
       |-- bin
       |-- test

Now, in this structure, I have all my classes in lib folder in module GemName, like:

module GemName
  class A
  # ...

But when I use the action to create a new class, I have to myself add the module GemName; end; reformat; every time.

Is there a way that RM can be configured to recognize this pattern and do the right thing?
Do I need to configure the default class template for this (I'd like to avoid that)?


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Hi Kedar,

Please submit a feature request. As for workaround setup a file template (see RubyMine | File | Settings | File Templates)


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